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Never Make Your Move Too Soon

Captain And Tennille

Now this song tells a story about a woman and she has been out on the road working very hard. And one night she decides she'll call up her man long distance just to see how everything is doing at home. So she dials the number and the phone rings... and it rings... and it rings... and there is no answer. Now she gets just a little worried about this so she grabs herself a plane and she flies home and when she gets there, she runs up to her door, opens it, and that man has gone. He is not only gone, but he has taken everything that they had! Now this woman is - Ah - not one to get down for very long so she moves on to Las Vegas. And she gets herself a Keno card there and this lady strikes it rich, I mean she is rolling in the dough, she is loaded. And the word gets out about this lady's 'Good Fortune'. All this nice money she has. Who do you think shows up? That man. Now this song tells a story about that woman, and her man, and it is called
'Never...Make Your Move...Too Soon'"

Three days of snow in Birmingham
thought you would wonder just where i am
called your number all night long
it's no comfort on the telephone
went out and caught me a midnight flight
thought a little love would make everything alright
the Landlord said you moved away
and left me with all your bills to pay
look out baby
think you made your move too soon

this life in Vegas well it sure ain't hard
it left me with a Keno card
i ran it up to 'bout fifty grand
i cashed it in and held it in my hand
that kind of word can get around
and make a lost love turn up found
i hear ya knockin' at my door
but you ain't livin' here no more
it's too bad baby
think you made your move too soon, Oh-Oh-Now

(Keyboard Solo)


i been from Spain to Tokyo
from Africa to Ohio
i never tried to make the news
i'm just a woman who sings the blues
i take my lovin' everywhere
i come back and honey they still care
one love ahead, one love behind,
one in my arms and one on my mind
one thing baby
i never made my move too soon (oh yeah, now)
one thing baby
i never, never, never made my move too soon


(Applause and Fade)

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