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Hands Up Baby

Camera Obscura

I've been hanging round
Everywhere you go in town
Watching you forget me

I want to see you crack
I'm going to get you back
Put your hands up baby

You're talking to me like I'm in your debt
You don't remember things I can't forget

Now you don't look so well
Turn that gun back on yourself
And take a load off baby

I've had enough this time
Give me back my boots you swine
It's your fault you hate me

I only hate you 'cause I hate myself
It breaks my heart that I can't wish you well

Now I could end this here
Die and take you with me dear
It could be so easy

I don't care what you do
I’ll still be rid of you
Just make your mind up baby

I'll turn around I'll walk away from you
If I turn back I'll be the death of you.


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