I've been a little bitch
'Bout the size of the earth
You couldn't liquidite me
Cause I'm size of the earth

In your mind
You got me pegged
Well, try and sneak up from behind

Yeah, I'm a circle, I'm a swiss
The joke's on you, I have no sides
That's how I put it up fight

You've been a little sick
Like the rest of the earth
And the days go by

Can I take you to salvation
Through clever sanitation?
Maybe get a little loco
With socrates and plato

I'm Fiona
The God of splurging
Thinner than a ginsu knife

I've always know what's in your head
Surfaces to creep inside
That's how I win every fight

In your mind
You've been playing a game, but now
I am taking you down

I am Fiona
I've been playing your game, and how
And I'm taking you down

To take the same
You took from me

The land
The air
The night
The sea

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