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Enemy Of State


Tell me why you're always talking on the fuckin phone man
Never put the phone down your always on the phone man

[C-Bo] Yea let's get this money though my nigga
Ahh man fucking on us man fucking on us
Man I'm not going back to prison nigga
I already got two strikes nigga turn the music down nigga
Fo' real nigga I ain't going back fuck that
(Just take a ticket my nigga you ain't do nuthin)
The fuck is you doing
Man fuck it I'm telling you nigga don't trip
It's gonna be all good man
It's gonna be all good hey
(Here he come roll down the window)

[Police Officer] License and registration sir
[C-Bo] Ahh Ahh sure man (Boom Boom)

Code Red officer Down 29th street and Florence road
gunshot wound to the face possible one eight seven
Breaking news Sacramento police officer had been shot and killed today
in a South area gang related neighborhood
The shooter in this case has been identified as Shawn Thomas aka C-Bo
All units please be advised suspect is armed
and considered very dangerous

Can't take my back is ill tack what I know sky is the limit
But this world is full of envy hold me back I've been done it
Shit what you thought C-Bo wasn't down
It's just hella hard to get up when the hoe get to the ground
Get cha realla can't take it so they gave me a case
I got skills but I can't make it being Enemy of the State
I close my eyes pray to GOD guess this will remember me
Just like 'Pac "Against the World" but it's the world against me
Scared to see me in much you wills flossin a whip
Tossing a your bitch you slip we hit now we tossing a clips
Bossing and shit next thing I'm bubling and cavi

Compositor: C-bo

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