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Hellbotic Sentence


Souls escaping from hidden lands
Darkness dwell genetic experiments
World lies and feeds the science
(Malign creation of devilish minds)

No one understands how they possess life
Killer instinct and barbarian eyes
They're making us slaves in their frozen chains
Robots commanding with evil strenght

Time to die! It's near
Hellbotic sentence

The future is drowned, no breath, no soul
Evil commanding the razor of war
Deadly experiences spreading the plague
Hellbotic sentence

Death now is floating in the minds of the men
Pride and glory infecting their brains
Just flick the switch and see where you are in
Hellbotic sentence

Black magic, it's an indestructible force
Dark shadow warms the evil throne
Like a puppet these machines walk
Its strings are pulled by tactics of war

Metal bodies and twisted thoughts
The army of evil is prepared on earth
Powerful weapons and computer banks
Laboratory of perverse men

Solo: Roveran

WAR! It's done by war of thoughts dwelled by war!

Solo: Perfetto

Compositor: Adriano Perfetto

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