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Broken Witchcraft


Invicible War

Innocent and unhappy child
Born to live and grow so weak
Frightened to posses strange signs
Afraid to know her death she will forsee
Bewitched ans scared by evil force
Witchery now her evolution's way
Threated now bursting with fear
cause comming soon her final day


Full Monn will arrive
Bless the witch in this time
Now it's time to free the witch
Let the fight of evil win

At trance on darkness doing rites
Bestial fire rising from her eyes
Like an evil and wise phophet
She can see the fate of mankind
But this spell now can be threated
By heaven's forces in an endlles war
Clain for moon her strongest allied
Hell's magesty will never die


Compositor: Perfetto , Regep

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