I see enigmatic lights shining high in the sky
Burning like fire into my mind
I feel attracted , hypnotized to what I see
It seems invitation from the gods to me.

I cant understand - my body feel strange
I cant understand - I´m being dominated

This power divine seems nearer now
The light is stronger but I feel mesmerized
Strange voices seem to call from beyond
There´s no how to avoid this power too stronger

I can feel - my body in the air
I can feel - this chance in my hands

Another dimension , there´s no explanation
A final conclusion , case of abduction.

I woke up in painin a strange place
I feel abnormal,I see in my face
People say im crazy , was it a dream
I still can hear my inner screams

I´m not lying - I was there
I´m still trying to go back... in

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