Buju Banton

The Best of Buju Banton

Walk like a champion
Talk like a champion
What a piece of body girl
Tell me where you get it from
Knock on your entrance
Ram pa pa pam pam
Girl let me in, I have the thing you need

Buju would be more than glad
To take your hand lead you to the promise land
In my 20 ft. bed
All you have to do is be true, so let's correspond
Satisfy your emotions
Hot off the press, instantly she's a star
Skin smooth and precious like she never get a cut
Pant front expanding I've got to stop
Girl I've got to have you, it's a must


Plenty men calling, you're not looking their way
You look good, you don't have to wonder
Don't worry about anything other girls say
Put on you clothes, it's like a display
Men stare and swear both night and day
Could you be my honey, but you pause
With a gorgeous smile on her face and say
She wants a man to do the work
Not one to play
A marathon man, one who can stay
Buju cries


Woman I want to settle down really start a plan
To how you look I've come to one conclusion
You're playing, your waist responding
Non stop ticking like a time bomb
A you every man want to slam


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