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Not Gonna Let You Down

Building 429

Building 429

If you could run, where would you run to now
Where would you hide now that the truth is out
And I know the fear you feel
And I know that this is real, but

Please don’t run from me
Cause everyone needs somebody
Please don’t run from me now
I won’t leave you
You’re never alone wherever you go
Please don’t run from me now
Cause I’m not gonna let you down

This is the hope that you’ve been longing to know
God is alive and He’s never left you alone
So hold on through the tears, and

So come back, come back to life again
Where we can be forgiven
We’re almost home so don’t let go
This is what we’ve been waiting for
He is the hope that heals the world
We’re almost home, so please

Lift up your soul, don’t you let go
Lift up your soul, never let go

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