Bugzy Malone


Bugzy Malone

Bugzy Malone
You know

I hit the top like I don't know what
Now 500's Play Doh gwop
And these man tryna take my spot
When I'm sitting at home with writer's block

But there's not an MC as eloquent as me
Let me get that clear
And my accountant said
I can make a million and not make a track this year

Now how's that for a turnover?
I made a gilet and a holster
Felt like I looked in the mirror
when I seen the new JD poster
And it sold out so fast
they want me to sign contracts like they're O2 or Voda
In exchange for exposure
But still I don't feel any closer to the real answer

Why did I wanna be a gangster?
When will I get rid of this pain?
Feels like I'm in handcuffs
I wanna fly to the south of France
I wanna learn how to Salsa dance
The chef come here
'Cause everybody in the restaurant kept watching man

And I'm thinking, "Wait are they watching man? "
Did he think I'm a prick, or are they just secret fans?
Blessed by a God, fear no man
But my heart still beats when I see a police van

I was hungover
In Phuket I couldn't stay sober
I needed a break from pulling a straight face
I don't play poker

I was out there looking at the pelicans
Stroking the tigers and elephants
MCs all fighting for relevance
But I'm on the next level of eloquence

Where do I get it from?
Did I get it from him?
Could it be a white could it be a black thing?
Must be the reason I'm the captain
Must be the reason I overlapped him

'Cause I'm dedicated
Me I could have got relegated
Imagine I would have hesitated
Where would I be if I never made it?
But I did

Now I'm in a new 7-bedroom crib
with spotlights in the ceiling it's sick
No bean bag I've got a Lamborghini on the ramp
and I don't use it
I've got a grand piano in front of the Mona
and everything cocaine white
But I don't get to see it much these days
'cause I'm always out taking a flight

Thinking about before it all went bad
Never got dissed off my real dad
And now he tells people that I never give him anything
As if he was there from scratch

How did it get so negative
Between old friends and fake relatives
I've come quite far on a reminisce
To get rid of these toxic energies

An old friend tells people that I put money on his head
As if I'm still pissed off
And we was friends from about year 9
And he tried to get my door kicked off

Cocaine's one hell of a drug
Yeah, I've seen what it does
I watched man fall from the mountains
Turned from a bad boy to a scruff

I'm still out here holding it up
I'm still backstage holding a cup
Dark is still my co defendant
I'm in a film about money and drugs

I told my agent, "Tell Guy Ritchie he don't need to pay me. "
As I was watching Snatch
that's my all time favourite gangster movie
I ended up in the GR, singing Irish songs to the ukulele
Sophisticated conversation
had me feeling so creative (so creative)

I feel detached from reality
Now I'm on a footballer's salary
I flew to Rome
and the roof of the Sistine chapel look like an art gallery

Me I got close to insanity
On the roads I am moving raggity
Now I'm in the Vatican, thinking strategy
Can't think of an MC in my category

All this from a 1 bedroom flat
I wanted a reminder not to look back
That's the reason why
I got 'King of the North' tattooed right across my six pack
And the artist came from Italia, the home of the mafia

I'm never in debt, I'm a Lannister
You know I'm of a different calibre
I climbed to the top without a banister
And last year got smashed, no manager
Man can say what they want
But I'll never let anyone assassinate my character

Some relationships don't work
And the separation hurts
I know these are simple words
But I always told her I loved her first

I used to be so immature
Even though the love was pure
I was never always all yours
Some of them nights on tour

You could've walked out through the open door
When the love turned into a war
And now I'm gonna buy you a house
so you know you're secure
(Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no)

Let me get it off my chest
(Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no)
Turns out how no matter how much money I make
I still can't pay to correct
(Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no)
All of the trauma it still feels fresh
but never again will that get me depressed
Don't mind going out as a legend
as long as I'm known as Manchester's best

Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no
Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no
Sometimes I don't kno-oh, oh, oh
Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no
Sometimes I don't know, no, no, no
Sometimes I don't kno-oh, oh, oh
Sometimes I don't know

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