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Don't Listen To The Wind

Buddy Miller

Love and lies she gave to me
Now a million lovers couldn't set me free
She haunts me like the winds that blow
With a memory that won't let go

Every face is her's it seems
And when I sleep she's in my dreams
All the my thoughts my heart recalls
Drench me like the rain that falls

Don't listen to the wind
Don't listen to the rain
Can't you hear it call her name
Don't say it's alright
Don't say it's gonna end
It'll be a long time before I can love again

I know you want to marry me
But another woman won't let me be
I'm a fool to trade a girl like you
For a memory that won't be true

Love and lies she gave to em
Love and lies and a memory
Her kiss so sweet her angel eyes
It was just her love and other lies

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