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It Ain't Over Yet

Bryan Adams

Turn me loose it's now or never
feel like I could run forever
a new days come - a new moon's risin
I'll take my chances on the blue horizon
leap of faith - a shot of spirit
freedom's calling I can hear it
hold on tight were gonna get there
this time were on our way

It ain't over yet - you can lay your bet
now nothings in my way you ain't seen nothing yet
I have learned to fly - and hold my head up high
there's something I don't want you to forget
it ain't over yet - it ain't over yet

I was born to run - born to ramble
any price is worth the gamble
sometimes I get the urge to wander
cuz I'm a child of the wild blue yonder
it's in our hands - the sky's the limit
the race is on - we have to win it
hold on tight were gonna get there
it's time were on our way

How ya gonna know if you've got what it takes
you can't be a winner if you don't run the race
you know you get nothing if ya come second place
cuz it ain't over - until it's over

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