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No Place Too High

Bruno Bessa

Star Is My Middle Name

When you think hope is nowhere you can see
Don't let it go, it's an opportunity
To find the strength in who you are
Just wish on a star

Don't be afraid, there's nothing you must fear
Just get a grip, make the love song of the year
The love you cast on yourself
Is something so beautiful
You should never give it up for someone else

The days flow, no matter what you're feeling
The days flow as fast as can be
It feels cold, I know it must be hurting
You said so
You cannot fold!

There's no man on Earth
That has never shed a tear
Everyone, once in a while, wants to disappear
A mistake's not a sin, don't take it on the chin
Even if you don't know where to begin
'Cause above the clouds the sun always shines the same
But to feel the heat
You gotta face wind and rain
Just aim to the sky, there is no place too high
Ain't nobody that will shut down your light

Don't let it fade away
Just keep that burning flame
And it will lead the way
Out of this waiting game

The days go

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