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Sesos Humanos (Sacrificio IV) - inglês


I want addicts,..., your mother
In witches' feasts, the sacrifices are human
Now you know what to do sloppy soldiers
Bring me dinner or become broth
A soup of brains and blood
You are weak mortals - I am a powerful witch
Lucifer the king commands me to eat
A soup of human brains
Ten witches seated with eager bellies

For the satanic hunger there is a remedy
You are waek mortals - I am the powerful witch
With the drugs you bring - with a machete you will fall
The dark priest commands me to eat

Human brains
The mayor, the president, the pope
With cat's bones and Christian hair
One Jew and... water
Human brains and the fruit of the virgin
Supper time is now here

You are weak mortals - I am a powerful witch
I leave full of the cursed broth
Th power I have is going to irritate you
And the machete is going to kill you

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