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Revolucion (inglês)


Listen or fuck yourselves, don't be assholes
The Mexican government dowsn't give a shit
P.R.I. commands everyone, they are communists
Indians and the poor, don't have...
Where are all the blind ones
They are now in the jungle
It must begin in the city
It must get into every corner

P.R.I.bastards - communist
Awaken everyone - revolution
With machetes - arm yourselves
Indian armies - zapatistas
Commander Marcos - directs us
Hide your face - underground
You are unseen guerrillas - revolution
You are unseen crazy ones!!! - revolution

Long live Zapata, Long live Chiapas
Long live Mexico, Long live the revolution

Don't be... - make yourselves men
They started it - you have to finish it
Do you want to be rats or men?
If not for you - then for your children
Communist, satanic, P.R.I.- is the same

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