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Pititis, Te Invoco (inglês)


My huge machete-cock is hard as rock, I'll stick it in you
Those whores 'r looking good, bring me the biggest titties
Concubine, you're a cutie, i will fuck you
I want a witch, Pititis, I invoke you

no Brujo, that hardon, I'll hack it off you
Old fat ass, I ain't spreading, you can't fuck me
Talking shit you fucking pig, I'll fuck you up
I'll tear your balls off with your cock

Hey! Witchie give me some, more or less, I love you
Those other skanks are filthy pigs, you're one bad-ass bitch
Come here cute little witch, I will fuck you
The demon Pititis! I invoke you!

I invoke you, I will fuck you, I invoke you, I will fuck you

My huge machete-cock is razor sharp, I'll stick it in you
Those are the cheap whores, bring me, the best cocksucker
Cute little concubine, I will fuck you
I'll give you everything Pititis! I invoke you!

hey! Daddy Brujo, I'll hack it off
I'm not some bitch, cocksucker, you're a faggot
That head with no brain, a limp dick
I'm Pititis and what, I'm a bad ass bitch

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