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Hermanos Menendez (inglês)


With satanic seeds cursed children were born
The race's blood, American faces
Their mother was a cat - their father was rich
Blood was nothing more than water to them
Disturbed children, disobedient men
They took off their pants, they ran around...
Their father's belt, giving them welts
Blood was nothing more than cum to him
Adult children rich...
...without sweating a drop
Brothers with ambitions wanted the millions
Blood was nothing more than a lie

Pampered children, they hated their parents
They planned in cold blood to kill them one day
Cursed brothers loved money

Their sold souls, in league with the devil
Armed like bandits - parents half asleep
...in the back their father fell dead
They took the cat's lives
Poor assholes the brothers Menendez
Accused of the crime - they fucked up millions

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