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Grenudos Locos (inglês)


Listen to me good this is for all of you
Poor brothers and... headbangers
These verses are yours, not Americans'Those who don't know - learn

Crazy headbangers - the city hates you
Crazy headbangers - we're human rats
Crazy headbangers - they light a joint

Made in Mexico, the country of...
Everyone fears them
Play this record if you have the balls
Radio doesn't give a shit, their music sucks dick

Crazy headbangers - the country hates you
Crazy headbangers - steal this record
Crazy headbangers - swallowing... and tequila

Beacuse you're scared - heabangers without balls
Sing what you want and fuck the old people
Northern shit, fag rockers
Why do they look to the USA?

Crazy headbangers - old people hate you
Crazy headbangers - long live Brujeria
Crazy heabangers - drunk brothers

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