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Cruza La Frontera (inglês)


..., ..., Tijuanans
...of the countryside, pot dealers
Poor families looking for gold
Of the United States
A broken spirit, worn out pants
Dick in hand,......... asshole
By working for an asian or jew
They pay you with......,
Sloppy one look to the north
Crossing the border, crossing the border
At night you go with your old...
Bring..., swim the river
In the trunk of my car
You don't pay the coyote, they are thieves...
They leave you lost, the border patrol fucks you
Satan cares more
Crossing the border, crossing the border

Run... now the border patrol comes
Fat... white boys
They don't catch you on foot
Run this...
...Dogs, golden streets await you
Or the dick of the border patrol... you

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