Bruce Springsteen


Bruce Springsteen

Essential Bruce Springsteen (Remastered)

Woke up this morning, there was a chill in the air
Went to the kitchen, my cigarettes were lying there
Jacket hung on the chair, the way I left it last night
Everything was in place, everything seemed alright

But you were missing, missing Missing..

Last night I dreamed the sky went black
You were drifting down, couldn't get back
Lost in trouble, so far from home
I reached for you, my arms were like stone

Oh, but you were missing, missing... missing

Searched for something to explain
In the whispering rain and the trembling *(?)*
Tell me baby, where did you go
You were here just a moment ago

At nights I still hear your footsteps fall
I can hear your voice moving down the hall
Drifting through the bedroom
I lie awake but I don't move

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