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Things Can't Stay The Same


It don't make no difference
What you say about it
(Pardon the, uh, technical difficulties)

Summertime so I got my head out the window
Your car smell like weed, it's that good Texas Indo
Back when nobody believed in me except for you
They don't accept you, unless they get to dress you
Technically speaking is making me bitter
I'm too high to focus, and more weed got delivered
What could make our life simpler
Send it straight to my liver
Send my name out in flames, and then it crash in the winter
I showed up boy and I checked out the same day
I signed in boy, and I logged out the same date
Oh, mm, mm, ayy
My Ogs taught me to do it my way
Texas boys, everything is sideways
Might upload the whole tape to Myspace
I like the music blown out, that's just my taste
Keep the vinyl packed in some blue crates
(Look up at the stars if you start to get lonely
It's crazy this all started with just us wanting some money)


What do I want out of life, what do I bleed for?
So many shoulders, I can go and lean my head on
But I still smoke and crave respect from those that cheer on
Wish I could focus more on what I get my cheer from
Who really know you, who really love you? I wanna see
I gotta hit you for a mission and, yes, we outspeed
So many take the high road to let the pain seep
I need to learn a lot in life is a one-way-street
Yeah, the ghost where Waco is, only time for takeout
Not a lot of room in this world, so keep your gate up
I'll meet you at the driveway, call Matt out
With the lights on, bright for real, drive back out
Yeah, jet-lag for pilots, only flyin' to islands
Call them taxes filed, money gettin' piled in
Green by the means, turn to envy by the thousand
Love to bring you down in the depths you would drown in

It don't make no difference
What you say about it
No, no, things can't stay the same

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