[verso: ameer vann]
I done been in trouble
'bout as long as I remember
My momma tried to help me
But I hardly ever listened
So she sent me to them white schools
I learned that I was different
They told me I'm a nigga, well now I know I am
I got my finger on the trigger
I'm a project baby
A free lunch felon, and I'm hungry every minute
Empty stomach, weed smoke can't fill it
If you don't listen to me
I set fire to the building
Need to listen to the children
And the weapons they concealing
Hear the voices of a million
When I sell my first million
I am bound to go diamond
Ain't no luck or surprises
I am tanning on an island
I can feel the pressure
But I see my new horizons
Me and all my niggas getting stars
Down on sunset boulevard
But niggas from the southside
With xan bars and gun play
Niggas on that some day
If you shooting for the stars
You only headed one way

Composição: Ameer Vann

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