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Straight For Your Heart

Britt Nicole

I see you, I see you so clear
I know you wanna disappear
You wonder who will notice
If you give up the fight
Some days you feel invisible
Out of sight
Right here
Right now

I'm coming straight for your heart
I'm bringing light to the dark
It's gonna catch like a flame
Everything's about to change
All it takes is a spark
To bring hope where you are
'Cause you're never too far
No, you're never too far
I'm coming straight for your heart
Straight for your heart

Your heart beats, but it's just keeping time
You're living, but you don't feel alive
The world outside is turning
While yours is lying still
In the cycle spinning, spiral holding you until
Right here
Right now

You don't have to walk this world alone now
I'll hold you, hold you
You don't have to live this life alone now
I know you, know you
Even in the dark night
I'll be there
Even when you can't fight
I'll be there
I'll be there
I'll be there

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