Say It

Britt Nicole

Say it

Okay, so I'm gonna say it
I'm not afraid to say it
The clocks on my wall keep ticking
The moments that I keep missing
Okay, so I must confess that
I've settled for so much less than
What You designed, I'm not taking my life one day at a time

'Cause life is short and quickly passing by
Father, will You help me make the most of what is mine
With eyes open wide
I'm taking You in
Making the time mean all that it can
I don't need a sign
I just need to begin, need to begin like this
With every second of every minute
I'm livin' in it and that's how I
Say it
Oh yeah, I'm gonna say it, oh yeah, yeah
That's how I say it
Oh yeah I'm gonna say it, oh, oh

I got so much to discover
A hand I could lend another
A word that could bring some healing
Is there any better feeling?
Hold up, gotta see the beauty
Hold up, gotta let it move me
I wanna be, with You here in the now
I'm done missing out

Let me fall in Your arms
Resting here in Your arms, I found
A peace like I have never known, like I have never known
Counting every star
Nothing's ever too far
With You here
I see it all so clear

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