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    (Ay oh) let me do my thing with a New York verse
    AC will make you hot, girl remove your shirt
    I got my eyes closed you could do your dirt
    And by the way, do you still got that school girl skirt?
    Like the cops imma watch her watch me
    Shot with a chaser like the paparazzi
    Its crazy she still on top a the biz
    I'm with Brit, while KFed watchin' the kids

    Britney (verse 1):
    He was kinda like a summer fling
    Hot and heavy through that April rain
    May and June he was after me
    By July, it was getting hypnotic
    So he kinda started feelin my fame
    I don't really wanna say his name
    All I know is I liked his drank
    All my girls say mmm if you feel me
    I saw you there, I cant get you out my sight boy
    Better go and get another drank, cuz you aint getting none of mine, no

    Ohh, tell me whatcha sippin on
    Baby, baby, baby
    Ohh, tell me whatcha sippin on
    Baby, baby, baby

    Britney (verse 2):
    What I feel is more than a crush
    Then again, its not quite love
    Just enough to fill my cup
    Whatever you do, just keep it flowin'
    So tell me how you like it babe
    On the rocks, or straight up babe
    Oh boy don't be afraid, I'm right here and I'm gonna show ya
    I saw you there, I can't get you outta my mind, boy
    Better go and get another drink
    All my girls say

    Ohh, ohh, tell me whatcha sippin' on
    Baby, baby, baby
    Ohh, tell me whatcha sippin' on
    Baby, baby, baby

    I can't ignore it boy I feel like I'm yours
    The way you look at me I just can't say no
    So we should hook up, who knows where we will go
    Cause baby when I'm with you, I feel I'm losing control

    Oh boy you hit the spot
    See baby, please don't stop
    Do you like my lemon drop (just taste it baby)
    You make me feel so hot
    Summertime love is all we got
    Here we are, lets take a shot
    (this is AC baby)

    All the tabloids tell me how you was a handful
    Toxic, try to make you an example
    You know me, I'm just tryin' to have you shoot for the airport(?)
    Cause all this stress got me losing my hair too
    Lets release, get live on the track
    Got my baby in the whip, she could ride on my lap
    Put that one finger up mommy, guzzle some more
    Tell them the only issues you got is the covers your on, uh
    One more drink, make us some a the bomb
    Order shot, bartender gave one in the arm
    All you rappers better recognize the best
    Cuz AC about to blow like a breathalyzer test

    Ohh, ohh, tell me whatcha sippin on
    Ohh, tell me whatcha sippin on
    Baby, baby, baby

    So clap
    Baby that's so clap
    So clap (so clap common)
    Are you ready for that's so clap
    So clap, are you ready for that's so clap
    So clap, are you ready for that's so clap
    So clap, are you ready for that so clap

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