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Tell Me (Am I A Sinner?)

Britney Spears

(unreleased demo)

Keep telling myself
Get out of my mind
The way he feels
He feels so right
Every night I feel the heat
I close my eyes and he comes to me

I confess I have done wrong
But in your eyes I see a guilt
I am guilty
Stress that keeps me strong
I feel it with all my heart is empty
Cause you're not with me

In my secret place
Where I drift the way


Tell me
am I sinner?
Tell me
am I wrong?
Something is wrong with the pictures
This is not my fault
So, am I a sinner?
Am I a sinner?

Don't watch the truth and fault
Please don't try to see right through me
When do you touch me?

You will never know
Imagination starts to haunt me
It controls me

In my secret place
Where I drift the way


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