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Love Is War

Britney Spears

Love is war
What are we in it for
Why do we play the game
Why are we keeping score
You and I
You know we were born to fight
There?s so many times before

Know I should be sure
Love is war
Wash my hands
Trying to understand
After all the pain
We?ll take another chance
I just want to close my eyes

Forget the reasons why
Lying here on the floor
All I want is more
Love is war
We hurt the ones we love
But still don?t let them go
We hold on to the words

You and I would know
All these tears are in my eyes
That?s where they?ll stay
It?s just easier that way
Then I turn
Say that I?m not the one

I don?t feel the sting
I don?t feel anything
I?ve gone numb
From all the damage done
But I?m lying here on the floor

So many times before
Love is war
Lying here on the floor
All I want is more
Love is war

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