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Sleep With One Eye Open (M Shawn Crahan)

Bring Me The Horizon

Fuck you!

You, took what you wanted and left, like locusts
Everything I gave to you, everything that we've been through
You, bled me dry and then went, like leeches
Go, you got what you came for now leave, like vultures

Ripped apert in minutes what was built in seven years
The ink scarred on your back, may as well of disappeared
For as long as I remember you sold everything you owned
But now you sold our friendship, you're on your fucking own

Sleep with one eye open
Sleep with one eye open... cunt!

If I had it my way I'd slit your throat
With the knife that you left in my back
All this shame, all this guilt, all this regret, that's me
I'm inside of you (x4)
And this is your world fucking falling apart mate
From the inside out, everything will fall apart at you feet
You've got hell to pay, yeh you've got hell to pay
You better fucking bow, bow down to me, you better beg for mercy
Get on your fucking knees, and cry me a fucking river

Sleep with one eye open
Sleep with one eye open

Best friends means forever
Best friends means forever... cunt!

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