Your Mother

Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds

Your mother and my honor they were fighting and it was so inviting
To watch all of the wailing and the crying.
And I don't wanna talk reality. It's nothing but a fallacy.
You said perspective's so subjective it don't count for anything.

Yeah I got some dreams, do you wanna hear about em?
Yeah, no one ever do. That's why I gotta shout em.
That's why I gotta make 'em before I start to doubt 'em.
Cuz nothing baby, nothing lasts for ever 'cept for dreams and nights without 'em.

All the guns are loaded and the boys are high
Let's go out to the desert and we'll watch 'em die.
Let's watch by satellite.

And give evil a name now
Or use a word like 'freedom' like a club to beat away our shame now.
Freedom seems so much like fighting anyhow these days.

Cuz when nobody loves you or cares what you do,
You don't get much freer than that, now do you?
You don't get no freer than that I don't think.

And I'm so sick of this stink.
And that's why I woke up today

Singing what they don't give to me I'm gonna take

For everything they've taken from me.

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