What's a Boy To Do

Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds

I am obsessed with this confessing obsession
I'd like to teach these little girls a lesson
Dick deep in depression, social armageddon

Baby I just need some space to get my shit together
And the weather outside is locusts and blood
Rivers of corpses earthquakes and floods
I ain't no doctor but I play one on Tv

I ain't no boner but I think you'll get a load of me
And I told you not to look at me baby
I didn't wanna do this but you're making me

Now what's a boy to do when you keep on pushing me?
I ain't nearly strong enough to stop trusting you
But you're a real motherfucker, what's a boy to do?

I am isolated and it's great, sometimes I hate it
When you're late at least you made it, but the slate is everchanging
And I'm ranging on this galaxy tonight
An empty hearted dead-eyed satellite, whoa

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