Ramblin' Revisited

Brendan Kelly and The Wandering Birds

I'm lying here dreaming of you
Soft to the touch, just a few cubes.
Beaded with sweat, smooth going down
Knocking me out in the next round

Propping me up, keeping me hard.
This is the greatest heavenly reward.
Now I can't think, now I can't breathe.
Some of these guys that started like me

Turned into thieves. Down by the dumps
Down by the docks, down in those lungs
There's just the ash of those fiery songs
But those days are gone boys, those days are gone.

And still we ramble on.

Sing for the stumps where legs used to be.
Pass me the bottle and pass me the beans.
Stoke up the fire and hide from the guard
Swinging that stick and patrolling the yard

Now this here bindle is all I have
To show for the rambling I did in my past.
Cut into soil where things don't grow.
It don't come back. Didn't you know?

It only knows to go.

Now here we come, slouching off back to where we begun.
Burnt by that sun.
Burnt but not done.
Cuz in this moonlight we can still run.

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