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How 'bout You?

Brendan Benson

One Mississippi

Does it break your heart each time I fall apart?
Does it give you purpose in this life?
And when I tell the truth, does it mean as much to you?
I could never live a lie, how 'bout you?
How 'bout you?

And I don’t think it’s so wrong to feel I’ve lived too long
Without the pull of gravity beneath me
And it’s not so hard to believe these tricks I use to deceive
Like a rabbit from a hat or card up my sleeve
Card up my sleeve

Thought about being with you
Thought how it's always been you
Taking apart what I glued
I know it’s mine but it's crude
I think you're so rude

Follow the moon and the sun
And all of the damage it’s done
I want to but I can’t run
I know it’s only just begun
It ain't no fun

Thought about eyes of green
And all of the shit that they’ve seen
Never made it past seventeen
Man what a scene
You know what I mean?

Thought of a skull and crossbones
The poison it runs through our bones
The junkies that live with their jones
Always reaping what they’ve sown
My mind is blown

Thought of what's yours and what’s mine
And who all has got that much time
Hey mister can you spare a dime?
The words always rhyme
The sun don't shine

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