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Last One You Love

Breathe Electric

Can’t help myself,
You got me on lockdown,
Spinning round,
Now i’m falling in,

Under a spell,
I want you on,
On the floor i’m,
On the floor falling in,

Your eyes sparkle bright like diamonds,
I’m blinded by the light,
We all search until we find them,
You’re reminding me tonight,
When you’re loving me,
I cant hardly breathe,
When i feel your kiss,
So hard to resist,
I wanna dance all night,
Tonight i wanna be the last one,
You love,
You love,

That you love,
That you love you love,
That you love,
That you love,

We’re talking rhythm,
I’m glad you got it,
You do more than talk it,
You can walk it out,

Turn my ignition got me wishin,
I could keep you up all night,
Are you falling in,

So sorry you’ve been burned before me,
Be afraid you’ve got the right,
We all fall no we cant fight it,
You’re reminding me tonight,

You’re not alone,
You’re not alone,
You’re running away,
I want you to stay,
No don’t throw it away tonight,
I just want to know
Are you dancing to my radio,
I’m falling in love,
You’re running away,
I want you to stay,
No don’t throw it away tonight.

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