Breathe Electric


Breathe Electric

I've got emotion,
Creeping up on my back,
It's like i can't stop
Because you know what i need,
And i'm hoping that she'll never let me see
The person she has made me now,
Introduce me to the way you move,
Swing those hips around like you know how,
Its going down baby down right now,
So call me crazy but i saved the best for last,

Go on and play it off like i knew you would
You know you've got me like its bad,
Would you know if you were wrong oh no
It's like a chain reaction
The way you put your hands up when you're in the action,
They'll always know,
Shake down baby
Everybody's crazy
Shake down breakdown

You complicate me,
You aggravate me,
You act as if we're not alone,
I'll introduce you to this excitement,
I'll act as if we're not alone,
So baby i'm not baby i'm not
Afraid that we're just having fun and making love with everyone,
So dance round to the beat of the drum,
And know that you're not getting out without the people you just talked about,


I like your complexion,
You're so complex,
Work up that reaction,
A sweet reflex,
Your hips move so smooth so use me,
I'm bout to lose me,
Cuz this is how it feels when its up close and real
I'm a giver she's a taker,
And when she's done with me and she gets what she needs,
I will never see her later


By: Juh :}

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