Boys Like Girls

Someone Like You (cifrada)

Boys Like Girls

Love Drunk

Tom: F (Intro) F Bb F I'm wearing thin Bb I couldn't tell you the city I'm in The streets and the buildings F And places I've been Bb Or when the stars go when it's daylight again Or where the time went C Bb Oh, who can save me now? F My life in the rearview Bb I'm runnin' from Jesus Dm C Bb Don't know where I'm going to F I got nothin' to lose Bb I'm fightin' my demons Dm C Bb Been lookin' for someone like you Dm C Bb I've been lookin' for someone like you F So sing me a song I know all the words to Bb And I'll sing along Could you be my savior? F I've been out here too long Bb And I've just been lookin' for somewhere to belong Barely holdin' on C Bb So can you save me now? (Chorus) Dm Bb When the stars explode Dm Bb And I'm all alone Dm When they start to see the smoke Bb When I finally burn out Dm Bb I'll need someone to carry me home Safe and sound (Chorus x2)

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