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Afraid Of Heights


The Rest (EP)

I know that I fucked up when I
Told you I'm afraid of heights
It made you wanna test my courage
You made me climb a cliff at night
You wanted me to jump and I declined
You called me a coward, I replied
"I don't wanna live forever, but I don't wanna die tonight"

When the black water ate you up
Like a sugar cube in a teacup
I got the point you were makin'
When I held my breath 'til you came up

There's been a run of fires downtown
On half built construction sites
I know you never lie after ten hits
I've seen you climb a crane at night
If they ever catch you at it
I know you'd want me to be proof
That you took a rich man's dream
And brought it with you on your way down

"'Cause one man's dream is another man's death"
I remember when you told me that
Didn't know what to say so I just laughed
Now I know it's not funny

I never rode a motorcycle
I've never smoked a cigarette
I wanna live a vibrant life
But I wanna die a boring death
I know I was a disappointment
Know you wanted me to take a risk
Not everybody gets the chance to live
A life that isn't dangerous

You called me a crybaby
But you're the one who got teary
Tellin' me what you believe
How we're stuck in entropy
How it hurts to hope
Oh, it hurts to hope for more
Oh, it hurts to hope the future
Will be better than before

Composição: Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers & Julien Baker

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