Me With No You

Bowling For Soup

Sorry for Partyin'

I'm not lost
I just haven't found everything I need
I'm not torn
I'm just getting it together
I'm not broken
Don't you mind the pieces of me
you see scattered on the ground I swear I'll turn this thing around
I'm not home but I'm sitting here in my room
I'm a photograph in need of a zoom
I feel far away
I can't make up the face
It's all blurred since you went away
When you took your keys out you took a little piece of me

I'm a circle incomplete
I'm a heart that barely beats
All the memories stay forever like tattoos
I'm a star without a sky
I'm hello with no goodbye
And the dreams we had that never will come true
That's me with no you

na na na na na

I'm a mark I'm a martir
I'm a victim I'm a jerk
I'm an engine that just doesn't seem to start
I'm a kingdom with no king
I'm a king without a crown
So I fall down on the knees
And I pray nobody see me
You got my attention now please come back to me

Come back to me


Can't find the words to fit the melody
But I swear that I could sing it
when you were here with me
I'm all over the place on a scale of 1 to 10

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