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    Hey homes
    It's Psyklone, vato
    Psyko Funk in the house

    [ VERSE 1: Ganxsta R'dd ]

    Well, I remember in September you was walkin around the club
    Cause the music that deejay played had you standin lookin dumb
    I was worried, had to hurry, cause the crowd might go home
    So I asked the deejay from the club, "Hm-m, can I gets the microphone?"
    He looked up at me all surprised, said, "You ain't even black"
    So I palmed his face like a basketball and I threw his ass back
    I said I'm not a Doobie Brother, but we do be hip
    And there's one thing I dislike when people at a party sit
    Now I didn't come here to be judged by the color of my skin
    Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. just went Psyko cause they wouldn't let us in
    So we bailed on stage and OMB had turned that bass up loud
    But before the one-time could pick us up we had already moved the crowd
    With psyko funk
    Psyko Funk
    Psyko Funk
    Psyko Funk, Funk, Funk

    [ VERSE 2: Ganxsta R'dd ]

    Now we're all in jail for the crime that we all have committed
    And the deejay called the one-time, but upfront he couldn't admit it
    Now the warden plays our father and we're forced to obey the law
    And every morning we wake up with the Psyko Funk roll call
    Fio-aqua-doo-doo, fio-aqua-doo-doo, fio-aqua-doo-doo
    Psyko 1, Psyko 2, Psyko 3, Psyko 4
    Psyko 5 provides the bass, so it's time he's servin more
    Servin time had made us Psyko but the Funk was always there
    And if the deejay had some rhythm, Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. wouldn't be in here
    But it's times that teach us lessons and there's lessons to be taught
    And if it's you who's beein Psyko then it's you who will get caught
    With Psyko Funk
    Psyko Funk
    Psyko Funk
    Psyko Funk, Funk, Funk
    (Some of my stories tonight you've probably heard em before
    I'ma do a couple of things just to like warm things around a little bit
    To relax y'all sip a beer)

    [ VERSE 3: Ganxsta R'dd ]

    Now the judge has just released us cause we've been inside so long
    And the last words he had said: never to sing that Psyko song
    So out the courtroom we all go with a slight grin on our face
    Cause the judge forgot about Psyko 5, OMB, he provides the BASS
    So we asked our booking agent for a stage that we could raid
    And he gave us to a crowd of punk rockers, another crime we must engage
    Cause Psyko Funk is sure enough funky, had the punks rockin like monkeys
    And if your head ain't right and you snap a lot, then it's you who's a Psyko junkie
    Psyko Funk
    Psyko Funk
    Psyko Funk
    Psyko Funk, Funk, Funk

    [ DJ Tony G cutting up ]


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