Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Bizzy Bone-Intro-
Just when you thought it was over baby (Momma loves you)/We got children trapped/ Whateva, whateva, no matter what you did/ You never could have good kids, cause your womb was so polluted/ Whateva, whateva, no matter what you did/ You never could have good kids, cause the womb was so polluted ...

-Bizzy Bone-
Heavenly father, I spit everything I'm laced with, haste anything I'm faced with/ Duct taped and raped in the basement, touch my body, so anxious/ Mo murder, am I impatient?/ Take us, I wanna receive it/ Through all this shit, I can't believe it/ They caught us thuggin down in Cleveland, I gotta break even/ Gotta make that money man, money man, hey/ Heard I was probably legions, but I ain't got AIDS/ You can say what you say if it keeps y'all all away/ Military minded like everyday, steppin on the scene/ Don't trip on Heaven'z Movie, I woke up and felt clean/ Still thirsty, what the fuck?/ They likes to hear me sing?/ But it was hard, cold turkey/ By the way anyone got some Hennessy to drink?/ To get drunk, drunk, drunk...

-Bizzy Bone-
Whateva, whateva ...

-Wish Bone-
Living proof of a ghetto bastard, just one unwanted kid/ And I live this thugsta shit, so for real, you can't tell me shit/ That's just my attitude nigga, alright, alright, alright, alright?/ Keep a nigga occupied, hit him from the blindside/ That's how we'll ride, you don't really want that/ Everywhere we go we gots to get live, you'll mind yours, we'll all survive/ Check it if you feel it, we gots to stay real, I'm gonna die gettin real with mine/ I don't give a fuck if you're always around me, you can still get it.../ I don't give a fuck if you're plottin on me, come on, you can still get it.../ Just remember to live by that same shit you gon' die by/ Some niggas wanna get high, we all hustle just to get by/ And I, and I am gonna get mine/ Fo fo, let it go, let it blow I'm always regulatin mine mine...

-Krayzie Bone-
Evil surrounds me ...

-Krayzie Bone-
I take a look at my life and I realize shit is goin down/ All around me I'm surrounded by demons/ And everybody keep schemin on me, guess they be thinkin I'm sleepin/ It's okay, motherfuckas make my day/ When they say they wanna play with the nigga runnin with the AK-47/ Is the weapon that I'm reppin, press that button and we lettin out the dogs/ Set rollin with the world's most thuggish ruggish/ But nigga, they love it, fuck it if you don't, hoe so/ I'm fillin up my bank bags, next time a nigga try to play Kray, I'll be the boss and it's pay day/Change my life/It ain't gon' happen my nigga, no time soon/ I'm a be a motherfuckin thug untill the day of my doom/ Until this god damn world go boom!

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