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So Many Places

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

[Chorus 2X: Krayzie Bone]
I`ve been so many places (all around the world)
So many unfamiliar faces
Ohhh I pray every day (every day, every day)
To keep from goin crazy

[Krayzie Bone]
Well what do ya know? We still here
but we still strugglin tryin to come up on that almighty dollar
Do the damn thang and I`ve got to maintain, try not to go insane
Every day, I`m facin compilations
Motions I`ve been in the gauge, temptations of the faith
Snake in the grass
I`m keepin my eye on y`all, won`t let nobody hold me back
I never did figure that in my life that it could be this real
Never did figure that bein a rapper would be so hard, oh God
But now that I`m seein the light
As soon as I open my eyes for the first time I realize I gotta die
And life don`t last forever
And fast livin make you crazy if you, suck up too much
Trust me, I done seen enough (seen enough)


[Wish Bone]
Done hustled all through this world, I`m really not doin it for fun
Don`t worry about me {?} a hand I see, I take it and run
And maybe we can chill out, hit a couple of yo` spots
Have some we can pass out, if not, bye-bye
Cause I got another show, some {?} up for dough
Need to borrow my thugs, some {?} and then we blow
And then it`s on the next CD
Thugs get it all then it`s easy, one of you got it then
I know you feel me
That`s why you gotta get your hustle, on
Everybody get the money, yeah
Got the money, reach for thousands, mmm
Got them thousands, reach for millions, y`know


[Layzie Bone]
Now I done traveled around the globe
witnessed some things that I wouldn`ta seen
Me and my team chasin green
runnin this Earth, tryin to live our dream
What I`ve seen would make the average person,
run, quit and hide
And you know I`m down for the ride,
I had to choke it and swallow my pride
I hate to admit it but dawg I love my material thangs was what
I was after
Who woulda thought about bein a rapper?
All of the coaches I captured
I got, caught in the rapture, assumed it was written
Keepin women, poverty stricken
it seems like the whole world`s takin a strippin
I don`t know why, and I don`t know what it is
All the crazy thangs I done did brought me closer to my kids
No more bailin by my lonely, that story but I`m thorough
Me and my dogs runnin this planet,
It`s just us against the world, c`mon


[Bizzy Bone]
You niggaz don`t really know me,
not one of my homies wanna control me
Control these nuts, I`m goin home
Come and hold me, you get one of the twins
to come and fold me
Hallelujah! Only one, sacred and holy
Phony love, how they givin it only
One of them choked, thick black billie clubs with
LAPD whuppin on me
Yo` bitch was strippin down in San Diego
She only in it for the money, but we all in it for somethin though
And she really loved Tony, some thick-dicked yellow nigga
He lived in the basement and he sell weed to the drug dealers
Been around the hood and now you`re motherfuckin eyed
Rather die than to be caught up in deception and lies,
word to the wise


By Diegão

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