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    Ooh... you know how we do it... (Bone, Bone, Bone Thug, Bone Thug...) It's all about the music, it's all about the music...
    -Krayzie Bone-(Felecia)-Chorus-

    Everyday (everyday...) It seems its getting shorter as the world turns round and round (round and round...) These last days/ So crazy (so crazy...) Oh, why? Everyday (everyday...) It seems its getting shorter as the world turns round and round (round and round...) These last days/ So crazy (so crazy...) Oh, why?

    Krayzie Bone

    They tell me crime is decreasin', then what is the reason with all the brutality? (Huh?) They killin' these niggas in cold blood, Bone Thug been a part of the reality, all the insanity/ Ain't no more humanity, what ever happened to family? Lost mine way back in the game, back when the crack came/ It ain't too much changed here, seems like it's never gon' get better/ Wonder if we'll ever get to live in peace; Days of our livez/ They keep on gettin' shorter every time that I realize that it won't be too long before we wake up and the world is gone/ And it won't be no World War, it'll be Armageddon for sure (fo' sho'... fo' sho'...)
    Wish Bone
    Everywhere we look it's so much violence, violence/ And I don't make it no better, I'm quick to riot, riot/ And you ain't gotta lose, it's all about the roads that you choose/ But what is there to do when your brought up with this thug life, ooh/ And I can feel your pain, young thugs; Stay focused/ Cauze we can get this money, young thugs/ Even though the end of dayz are coming, coming/ We can get it right, right now; Do something for somebody/ Just hold on for me, I promise it's a better place for all us T-H-U-G's/ If he don't believe, then don't call yourself a thug, cauze thugs believe/ Who don't believe?


    Layzie Bone

    Sometimes I sit back and think "Why me?" Now how did I become a victim of the struggle? Everyday tryin' to peace this puzzle/ And every second I'm out on the hustle, I sit and I guzzle/ Hope on reality that it'll pass me by, right on by/ And I'm not gonna sit and lie-ee-iiee/ All of my life has been a fire/ Like a test of wheels, a lot of determination and skills/ And ain't a damn thang ever come easy/ Not when a nigga gotta pay these bills/ Scrape this meal; Feed this nine in a household, gotta keep that money coming/ I gotta be out here doin' something rather than sittin' back broke with nothing/ Can you feel me? If I have to come and get 'cha, I'm a get 'cha/ You gon' feel me/ And what did they say about Lil' Lay? He's a ghetto legend/ Niggas is out here threatened cause I'm headed for Armageddon, baby


    Bizzy Bone

    Back in the days with Lil' Lay and all the Bone's we got to scrappin' for pay, sometimes I miss when we were kids is all/ Now since '95, back when Eazy died of the A-I-D's or whatever disease it brought/ Harmony nominee we up to beat now anyone wanna keep us twisted? You better believe it/ Lil' Eazy wish it was different, gotta keep my distance/ Me came up on the buildin' and I was persistant/ It just won't stop until I get shot/ Fillin' 'em way back in tha dayz of the glock, glock yeah I see great quota, I seen bad murder murder St. Clair/ As for the industry, we bigger/Thicker now, sicker now/ And the whore came in to break it down, lick it out


    Ooh... you know how we do it, it's all about the music. It's all about the music... All about, all about the music... (Bone, Bone, Bone Thug, Bone Thug...) Everyday, everday... It's all about the music, it's all about the music... yeah... c'mon

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