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Lockdown Love (flesh-n-bone Dedication)

Bone Brothers

Yeah. (That lock down love) This is to young Timothy, faithful servant of Jesus Christ. What up, my nigga? (That lock down love. This for ya... this for ya...) This is for Stanley Howse, faithful servant of Jesus Christ. Yeah. And this for everybody that sittin' down there on lock down love. Faithful servants of Jesus Christ. I'm with you, nigga.

Bizzy Bone
For all of my homies, prison tears, locked up for many years/ With 23 hours locked down and one hour to clear/ Never no fear livin' in dreams and you can't wait until you hear your named called to leave and go home, but don't miss your peers/ Everyone tellin' you "Don't come back" and write as often as you can like Flesh-N-Bone, Samuel man, man one Daniel/ The plan wasn't a problem, the actions, it made it solvable/ My salvation in martyrdom/ With Jesus call it inaudible/ Dear Father, you know that I love you, tell me how was we born; In a matrix, in a maze or a haze or a storm? The terminology was probable, Babylon, you too hostile/ Hades, it was so crazy and my thoughts stick to the hospital/ Some will wait for the rest of their days, forever in chains/ Paul, who wrote Corinthians, shall never be shamed, and never be blamed, and never be tamed/ My heart is so full of love for all of my people that's on lock down love/ This' for the judge...

-Chorus-Layzie (w/Felecia)-
I'm sendin' out that lockdown love/ Soldiers on lockdown, all my soldiers on lockdown/ We want them out now/ I'm sendin' out that lockdown love/ Soldiers on lockdown, all my soldiers on lockdown/ We want them out now

Layzie Bone
I know it's consequences, but how did you get this sentence? When you up against the system and they rulin' our repentance/ Instead, they caused the distance that got us hopin' wishin' that we could one day hold our loved ones again-gain/ Never hold your head down, keep it up/ That's right, keep it up (Keep it up) Because your nigga's gonna keep them books tight, that's right, til you get freed up-freed up/ I been looking at the world from a whole nother angle-angle, since you've been gone/ Seen how penetentary's a big business. And how the president doing us wrong, wrong/ Worry not, 'cause we're going to plan, plot and strategize/ And one day change the world, reverse, the curse and make sure you 'right/ Our Heavenly Father is our daily guidance and he's gonna show us the way/ Don't worry, be happy/ Our Heavenly Father; He's gonna show us the way

-Chorus-Layzie (w/Felecia)-

Layzie Bone
Timing is everything, time is so precious, precious, precious/ Worldly wicked lessons, but you still livin' so we can't get to count our blessings/ Hold on, do what you've got to do to come home/ It already been too long, nigga, when you touch down; It's on/ Stay strong, back with Bone, tell them niggas in there we're real out here/ Hold it down for these babies/ Representing; We still out here/ We're in the field out here tryin' to get my hands on a mill out here/ It's our year to shine/ It's our year to shine, shine, shine/ Whatever you need, I got you, bleed/ Relax and chill, it's on me/ It was off for a minute but it's better right now, back the way its suppose to be/ Can't wait for the day you close to me, how it use to be, my brother/ Them Howse boys in building, still cooler than a motherfucker

We ain't forgot about you, we out here holding it down/ Making sure everything's straight when you get out (I'm sending out that lockdown love...) I know you feel alone; It's a seperation/ But keep your head to the sky and patient/ I'm seeing a little bit, just hopin' my smiles contagious/ I know you feel the love, and when you flip them pages/ It won't be long now, we come to this town/ Everything's going to be all right, we are soldiers for life

-Chorus-Layzie (w/Felecia)-

Layzie Bone
Some soldiers in here doing life, life, life, life/ That type of sentence just ain't right, right, right, right/ Won't ever see a day or light, light, light, light/ But homie, you can let your mind be free/ Ride with me, vibe with me, visualize and slide with me/ Just close your eyes, let me do the drivin', I can see/ Take you on a ride where all the ballers kick it at, all the baddest bitches comin', they ain't afraid to give you that/ That's right, that's right backstage at my show/ Nigga you startin' to get the picture? You better keep them eyes closed/ It's a stout 5'4" brown sugar tryin' to holler/ Better take her in the dressing room, get you some polishin', get some…

-Chorus-Layzie (w/Felecia)-

Felecia (Layzie)
To all my sisters locked up, feel me, I'm sending you my love/ To all my brothers who locked up, feel me, I'm sending you my love/ For those who made a mistake, I'm sending you my love/ For those on death row, I'm sending you my love/ For those who innocent, who innocent, I'm sending you, you, you my love (I'm sendin' out that lock down love)

Compositor: Bizzy & Layzie

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