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The Promise

Bon Jovi

(Slippery when wet demo)

I can see the sun goin' down
I still see the cars roll by
I can see that seaside pool
Where we spent those summer nights
And I can hear the moonlit ocean
And I can feel your hand in mine
I can taste the warm free ocean
What a vision in my mind
And I, I lie in waiting
And I'm anticipating the promise, the promise

I remember what you told me
We both sounded so sincere
You said you'd always be my baby
And I said baby I'll always be there
Well I remember our first time girl
I still see the beach that night
I remember we were scared girl
But we both know that it felt so right
Time can never change it
And I'll never break it
The promise, the promise

Was made for nights like this
Seal it with your kiss
The promise, with the promise
Now the summer sun is gone
For the young ones who are left to carry on
The promise, the promise

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