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Kiss the Bride

Bon Jovi


As I walk her down the aisle
Wish it were a thousand miles
My beautiful baby, so beautiful
These tears falling from my eyes
They're taking me by surprise
My beautiful baby, a beautiful bride

It's time for me to step aside
Lift your veil and let you fly
Let the preacher say love's favorite line
"You may kiss the bride"

I do's and a band of gold
A promise to have and hold
My beautiful baby, so beautiful
A sight that I won't forget
White rice on thе old church steps
My beautiful baby, a beautiful bridе

"Just Married" sign, you'll drive away
First dance, then you cut the cake
We'll say each word and hold a glass up high
"You may kiss the bride"

A father's prayer only angels hear
May your days be many, the way be clear
May the road be kind, your eyes stay bright
May your life be as beautiful
As you look tonight

I used to be your Superman
My whole world in your little hand
Now he's your world, that's right, I'll step aside
Now she's your world, alright, I'll step aside
"You may kiss the bride"

Compositor: Jon Bon Jovi & Billy Falcon

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