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Old And Unprofessional

Bomb The Music Industry!

I got seven gallons in my tank.
That's enough to get me back to Queens so I can write
this song.

I got $300. I can pay rent this month.
Oh my god! It's just enough.
Oh my god! I'm all grown up.

Burritos, malt liquor, Katamari, broken tuner.
Two days. Three bones times 1 0 0.
Oh my god!

HOORAY for the young professionals!
We'll stay out of your way. We will give you the
We will find an easy way to live life far away from
Give head. Get ahead. Play dirty, not fair.
Be a billionaire. Be a jillion... uh... aire.
But you'll all be same until you're old and
unprofessional like me.

- Get a job.
- Try having fun.

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