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Gang Of Four Meets The Stooges (but Boring)

Bomb The Music Industry!

There’s nothing new about the old sound
regardless of what you say.
The world is looking on like “Really? Again? Okay, okay.”
We jumped on late, we both live far away.
Okay, but it’s 700 vs. 2K
and when there’s a lot of money you can split things two ways.
When you put us on last and late, assholes, we’re getting paid.

We didn’t bring the shitty attitude
but our kids still came
and yo, I heard that friends and bands and human beings
are supposed to help each other out, okay?

Even twenty bucks could have fixed this up.
A gesture. SOMETHING. We’ll feel super posi when there’s
sugar in your gas tank, stink bombs at your CMJ convention.
No one bought your record.
Oh no!
No one wants to buy pretention.

We’re eating pizza in New York.
We’re drinking beers with our best friends.
We’re not looking over shoulders.
Karma is the shit.

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