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Jigsaw Puzzle

Bobby Helms

Your eyes are like two shining diamonds
They're always so easy to find
Your lips are like two velvet cherries
They drive me right out of my mind

But if you were a jigsaw puzzle
There'd always be one missing part
It's your heart (it's your heart) it's your heart

Your arms are so eager and willing
To hold me so close sensitive
And anyone can see that your figure
Is all put together just right

But if you were a jigsaw puzzle...

It's not bad to lead me on
With that I-love-you look in your eyes
You lead me up to heaven then you slam the door
But somehow I can't say goodbye

And like the Mona Lisa for beauty you stand all alone
But just like the Venus to Milo inside you're nothing but stone

And if you were a jigsaw puzzle...

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