Vatican Man

Bob Rivers

I�m on the road yeah
I�m on tour
Don�t need no map
Cuz I been here before
Hotels -Motels -One night stands
I�m just a holy rollin� travelin� man
Signing autographs
Talking to the press
Ain�t got no time to preach
Pray or bless
All kinds of groupies
Climbing all through my car
You know they won�t be getting too far
Cuz I�m a Vatican Man

Yeah I�m a Vatican Man
I�m comin� to your town
I�m gonna kiss the ground
Cuz I�m a Vatican Man

I�m John Paul II
But I�m second to none
I�m John Paul George and Ringo
Rolled into one
The head honcho
The king clown
A matinee idol
In a macram� gown
From San Francisco
Down to New Orleans
I�ll turn you yanks
Into praying machines
There�s only one thing I think is the pits
I�d have to be a conehead
To make this hat fit

But I�m a Vatican Man
Yeah I�m a Vatican Man
If you don�t dig my thing
Then you can kiss my ring
Cuz I�m a Vatican Man
I�m a Vatican Man

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