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The Handicap Can

Bob Rivers

Hey handicap

�All right my little children, gather round those groovy handicapped are here.
So tell me babe, so what kind of handicap do you have?�
�Well I had a motorcycle but it cost me an arm and a leg.�
�I can see that. Pretty groovy appliance. I bet the ladies dig it, hey babe?�

Who goes in the bathroom
Grabs the biggest stall
A handy metal railing
So they don�t slip in the bowl
The handicapped
The handicapped
The handicapped can
They handicapped can
Cuz they got a special sticker
Makes them better than you
Makes us better than you
The handicapped park
Anywhere they want
Takin� up the closest spaces
Zoomin� in their wheelchair races
Spittle drippin� down their faces
Yeah yeah yeah
Zippin� through the crosswalk
On a motorized machine
Winning groovy medals
On their own Olympic team
The handicapped
The handicapped
Oh the handicapped can
The handicapped can
Cuz they�re pals of Jerry Lewis
And the telethon crew
The handicapped can
Cuz they are very special people
And they�re just like you
With some assholes too
�We are the handicapped babe, and we are groovy, know what I am saying? People love to take us shopping at Christmastime, cuz we park so close to the mall.�

The handicapped
The handicapped

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