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The Ballad Of Gary Condit

Bob Rivers

Gary, Gary Condit, king of the poon fronteir
He served as a congressman in old D.C.
from the golden state by the western sea
had him a concubine or mabey 2 or 3 and a cute little intern name of Chaundra Levey
Gary, Gary Condit, grabbin' em by the ears
He snuck in a stewardess thru the back door
tied up Chaundra Levey with a necktie off the floor
had a preachers daughter down on all fours
he loved to spank their bottoms till they were red and sore
Gary, Gary Condit, king of the wild and weird
when Chaundra went a missin he got really quiet
told his staff and lawyers to please deny it
said his sex life it should be private
took a lie detector test but no one would buy it
Gary, Gary Condit this is just not your year
He returned congress like all was well
some of his constituents said "go to hell"
all over Washington so we hear tell
police dogs are sniffing for that intern smell
Gary, Gary Condit king of the poon fronteir
his gland is busy and his gland never rests
like Clinton and Kennedy he loves young breast
just a son of a gun like all of the rest
a horny politician you know their the best
Gary, Gary Condit king of the poon fronteir
this is just not his year
y'all keep looking now ya hear
what'd ya find there boy?
aw its just another homless guy
come on, keep looking there, come on

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